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Jogging Strollers FAQ

The goal behind our website isn't just to make a living selling any old baby gear. We have a passion for our products, and the true reward is in helping you find what's best for your needs. We mean that. The answers below are written by the team, giving honest feedback and advice. It's what you deserve when doing your research on a long term investment like a Jogging Stroller.

How much should I spend on a jogging stroller?
When choosing a jogging stroller, there are many things to consider. Price is an obvious place to start. To be straightforward, you get what you pay for. Undeniably, there is a difference between $100 stroller and a $300 stroller. We advise you to familiarize yourself with the details and really think about your needs and wants. Not everybody needs $400 single stroller, but then again many will get it, use it, abuse it, pass it down, and get all $400 out of it. Whether it's fashion, status, or utility that you're looking for, buy what's appropriate for you and your kids.

What's the scoop with Wheel Sizes?
The general rule is that bigger wheels are best for heavy running and strolling over rough terrain. Smaller wheels are better for walking on smooth surfaces. You will find larger wheels are easier to push over rugged terrain, curbs, and steps. Larger wheels offer less resistance and more glide ability, while smaller wheels are easier to turn. Of course, looks can plays into the decision - some people think a 20" large wheel just looks "cooler." And some think the 12" small wheel looks "cuter." Just remember that wheel size is not related at all to a stroller's stability.

  • 20" Wheel: Frequent running/off-road use. Larger wheels offer superior glide, less resistance and easier curb and bump handling.
  • 16" Wheels: Frequent jogging/walking with light off-road use. A best bet for most users, great glide and usability. They can handle anything from walking around town to running on a dirt path with no problem.
  • 12" wheels/Swivel Wheels: Walking and around town. They offer superior maneuverability and great improvements over traditional strollers with tiny plastic wheels. They also take up less room in the back of your car when the wheels are left on.


What do you mean by Swivel Wheel vs. Fixed Wheel?
Swivel front wheels are relatively new to Jogging Strollers, hitting the scene a couple years ago. Mountain Buggy was one of the first brands to introduce them, and they just took off in popularity. Since then most companies have jumped on the bandwagon and offered the option due to overwhelming demand. Swivel wheel strollers are easier to turn, and ideal for use indoors. But for serious runners, a fixed front wheel that tracks straight instead of turning side to side is still the favored option.

What are the Pros/Cons with a Swivel wheel?
A swivel front wheel lets you turn on a dime, and that's great when you're strolling at the mall, on city streets, festivals, and the zoo - all those places. A fixed wheel is turned by pushing down on the handle bar to raise the front wheel slightly while you turn the stroller. It's easy enough to do while you're out cruising, but not as easy if you're pushing a double with 2 toddlers in there, or trying to maneuver in a tight situation like in between clothing racks at the mall. Some things to keep in mind:

  • You'll have more trouble using a swivel wheel in sand on the beach or in snow. Wheels sink in a bit when you're on soft ground, and the swivel wheel gives you less leverage than a fixed wheel. This can throw you off.
  • Right now, there are no strollers with 16" front swivel wheels, only smaller 12" (and even 6"). Some strollers do have 16" rear wheels available.
  • While most swivel front wheels have a locking option, with the exception of the high-end models (BOB Revolution for example), they still have some wiggle. This can mean wobbly tracking at faster pace - bad news for a heavy runner.
  • A stroller with a swivel wheel is not conducive to heavy running or marathon training. Occasional jogger or suburban walker? You shouldn't have any problems with a swivel wheel stroller.


Do I need Shocks or Suspension?
Shocks and suspension have been around for about 8 years now, and are available on select stroller models. Shocks are recommended for off-road use and rugged terrain. Keep in mind that shocks aren't always necessary; most manufacturers have accounted for shock absorption when designing and building their strollers. Will you be strolling out on bumpy washboard roads? If so, consider shocks.

What's up with Alloy vs. Steel Wheels?

Right now, aluminum Alloy wheels are the trend. Most of our strollers come standard with them. You'll come across Steel wheels when manufacturers are trying to cut costs, and a stroller's price usually reflects this. Alloy wheels won't rust, and are a necessity in climates where rusting is an issue (i.e. marine environments, coastal areas, mountain zones, and areas with snow and road salt). Shelling out a few extra bucks for the alloy wheels up front will save you from having to replace them in the future. Another plus: alloy is lighter in weight. Steel wheels add an extra 1 lb. or so to the overall weight of the stroller. If you do have steel wheels and you're in a salty place, be sure to rinse them off after walking on the beach or salt covered roads.

Alloy Hubs vs. Steel Hubs?
Just like a bicycle wheel, jogging strollers have a hub at the center of the wheel where the spokes attach. Same thing goes here as with the wheels. Alloy hubs are lighter and will not rust, Steel is heavier and rust-prone. However, proper care and maintenance (following manufacturer's instructions) of your jogging stroller will help avoid steel hub rusting issues.

What's the skinny on reclining seats?
Reclining seats in jogging strollers were new back in 2000, and they've become a much desired feature. There are very few brands today that don't offer a reclining seat. But just because a seat "reclines" does not necessarily mean it goes completely flat. A few strollers offer a fully flat position for a newborn, but many only go back to a position that allows for easy resting and prevents head bobbing (even so, we recommend using a head support of some sort, as featured in our accessories sections, until your child is able to support his or her head and neck independently). All of the doubles and triples we sell that have seats that will recline individually.

What's your advice on strolling with infants?
There are a couple options if you're anxious to get out there with your newborn in a Jogging Stroller. It may seem obvious, but we should point out that actually running with an infant very early is not recommended. Proper head support is certainly an issue. But another thing to point out is that babies cannot regulate their own body temperature until they are 6-8 weeks old, so until then it's best to keep them bundled or close to your body. That being said, let's look at the options if you need to get the littlest member of your family into Jogging Stroller:

  • Flat Bed: Some Jogging Strollers offer seats that recline fully flat? See Valco, Phil & Teds, or Zooper.
  • Carry Cot or Bassinet: See Mountain Buggy or Valco. The Carry Cot or Bassinet looks like a mini-crib, and it's a great accessory option. You can detach it and carry it right indoors, making the easy transfer without waking the sleeping baby.
  • Car Seat Adaptor: Many Jogging Strollers are now car seat compatible with the use of an adaptor accessory. This basically turns your Jogging Stroller into a convenient Travel System Stroller. There's a lot of discussion out there on how much time spent in an infant car seat is safe, and a lot of talk about issues that are arising from too much time in them. That's just a note to be aware and do some homework; there are plenty of websites.


From" It's a good idea to limit the amount of time your infant spends in the car seat while you're at home or while the baby is at child care. Too much time in the car seat may limit your baby's movement and opportunities for stimulation, which help your infant develop sensory and motor skills."

What role should color play in my purchase?
Color is mostly a personal preference, but you should consider a few factors. First off, light or bright colors attract more attention, and they're more visible. If you're out in poorly lit areas, light colors will reflect and illuminate better if a vehicle approaches on the street. We sell flashing style lights just like the ones made for bikes - you might want to look into this for jogging in the evening. Also consider the impact of color and heat. Just as you wear light colors in the hot summer to stay cool, the color of your stroller has the same effect. A final note on color: to families in the city (where dirt, grime, and mud are prevalent), we tend to sell more dark-colored strollers that hide it when they're soiled, like black and navy.

Do Jogging Strollers have any resale value?
Have you noticed how hard these are to find used? After investing in a quality stroller, a lot of people tend to keep them around just in case they have another, or in case a family member has a baby. But if you plan to resell yours, of course the better condition of the stroller, the easier it will be to sell. For example, rust doesn't sell, and steel wheels or hubs rust. It's a small upgrade when buying new, but it will pay off if you plan to pass it on. Another tip: keep the fabric from fading badly. Don't store your stroller in direct sunlight.

What's the connection with InSTEP & Schwinn?
These brands are both owned by the same international parent company (Dorel). InSTEP and Schwinn strollers are made in the same factories, designed by the same people, and sometimes it seems pretty obvious that a Schwinn stroller was closely modeled after an InSTEP. Right now the differences are subtle, but we believe we may see more separation in products in the future. Both are recognizable brand names, and we don't expect either brand name will ever go away.

When do you have sales?
With only a few exceptions, most of the brands we carry are high dollar items with the quality to justify it. Like shopping for a car, the end of the year is a great time to buy because dealerships are closing out their stock while waiting for next year's model. It can be similar with Jogging Strollers. We hold sales under special circumstances; sometimes for close-out items. Also, if we find a way to receive a product at a discount, we pass the savings on to our customers. You'll find most products we sell are being sold for the same price everywhere; following what has become standard policy for most products being sold on the internet (Ever see an IPOD on sale?).

Why do some sites "Stock" their products and some "Drop Ship," and what does that mean?
" Drop Shipping" is when an online store takes an order and forwards it on to the manufacturer or to the manufacturer's warehouse, where it gets processed and shipped. We've found problems with this method. When an order changes hands, errors are more likely to occur. If there is an error, fixing the problem with so many parties involved in so many different locations can be very frustrating. Tracking down the details (such as where a particular package is, when it actually shipped, and what may be missing from the order) is not very smooth on a Drop Shipped order. We tried this method, and found that even though it's more expensive for us to have a warehouse and all that comes with it (staff, equipment, etc..), it's much more efficient to "Stock" our own products. It cuts down on errors, makes our customers happier, and we can actually ship an order the same day it comes through! So that's why we stock 99.8% of the products we sell.

How did you choose the brands you carry?
There a lot of stroller brands out there. Each brand has competitive advantages in style, cost, features, and or accessories. All of these factors keep us on our toes as a retailer, and we know it can be overwhelming for you as a customer. We were one of the first stroller sites on the web, and we are the best jogging stroller dealer in the world. Ok, we may be biased, but we DO sell A LOT of strollers. And because of this, we get a lot of feedback and attention from customers as well as leading manufacturers in the industry. Plus we love what we do. As you can imagine a lot of companies want to be on our site, and so we are very choosy. There must be a solid reason for us to bring a new brand on board; a stroller must offer something unique to the market that we don't have, something that's worthy. See, many jogging stroller brands you see out there are created when a company finds a manufacture in China already making strollers, and they slap on their name with some different colors. That's not what we're interested in. We're looking for stroller companies that think, create, design, and even engineer.

What is ASTM Certification?
When you see an ASTM Certified* product like a Baby Jogger jogging stroller, you know that it meets the most rigorous standards set by the jogging stroller industry. Undergoing ASTM testing and meeting the set standards is voluntary, done so at the expense of the company, and not required by any government or commercial body. Because ASTM standards are the highest anywhere, any product (such as a Baby Jogger stroller) that meets or exceeds them is certifiable as an item of the highest possible quality.

*ASTM (the American Society for Testing and Materials) is an international not-for-profit organization, founded in 1898, that develops and produces standards for products, materials, systems, and services. ASTM standards, which are completely voluntary in their implementation, have a world wide reputation as the most complete, meticulous, and respected of their kind. An ASTM standard is a document produced within a given industry that thoroughly outlines best practices and determines what the boundaries of quality are for that good or service.

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