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Melissa And Doug Melissa And Doug Press And Go Inchworm

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Melissa And Doug Melissa And Doug Press And Go Inchworm

With self-stick straps that hold on tight to strollers and car seats, this enriching soft toy can go everywhere baby goes! Babies and toddlers are captivated by the bright colors, patterned fabrics, and cheerful inchworm character. And little hands (and mouths!) can't resist the jingling antennae, pair of teether rings, squeaker feet, and satiny fringe. Add a child-safe mirror, and the skill-building, take-along Traveling Inchworm has everything to delight young children

Melissa & Doug K's Kids toys nurture early childhood development in three key skill areas: physical, cognitive, and social. With interactive designs and multisensory features, K's Kids promotes constructive play and effortless learning, keeping interest high and new skills flourishing throughout the baby and toddler years!

Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

  • 3 MONTHS AND UP: Lift the toy to show the child its face. Talk about the toy's features, naming "red nose," "yellow cheeks," and "big eyes." Point to these features on the child's face, too.
  • As the child lies on his or her belly, place the toy on the floor ahead to encourage neck strength and focus.
  • Help the child locate the teether rings to explore with his or her hands or mouth.
  • 6 MONTHS AND UP: Attach the toy to the stroller frame, within reach of the child for on-the-go playtime.
  • Show the child his or her reflection in the mirror. As the child begins to recognize the reflection as his or her own, encourage facial expressions such as opening the mouth or blowing raspberries.
  • Identify different parts of the toy, such as feet, body, head, eyes, nose, and cheeks. Point to these parts of the child's body, too.
  • Place the toy within easy reach and encourage the child to pat the jingly antennae or crinkly back.
  • 12 MONTHS AND UP: Help the child identify the different colors on the toy. Say a color name aloud and ask the child to point to that color on the toy. Use other adjectives to describe parts of the toy: "crinkly," "long" and "short," or "hard" and "soft."
  • Count the different parts of the toy, such as six feet or two antennae. Invite the child to count along with you.
  • Narrate a story starring the inchworm, and ask the child to help you fill in the details. For instance, "One day the inchworm went for a walk. Should he go to the park or the store?"

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